I’ve started a new chapter in my life recently – I moved to New Jersey and started my career
as a pediatric resident. While I truly love my job and excited to be here, it’s difficult moving away from family and friends, and starting anew.

On my coveted days off, I want to explore and socialize with my fellow residents, but sometimes our schedules do not coincide and I resort to activities alone. Does being alone too much mean I’m lonely? Is being alone bad? 

In my opinion, spending time alone and feeling lonely are not synonymous, and here’s why:

Alone – Spending quality time with me, myself, and I while having insight that you’re always surrounded by family and friends even if they are not in proximity. It’s a time of reflection to experience who you are. It requires comfortability and confidence in yourself to know that being alone sometimes is quite ok.

– An overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that prevents you from experiencing life and social interactions. A deep-rooted sentiment that you cannot connect with those around you, whether it be family or friends. You prefer to remain closed to new possibilites and often find solace in those who make you feel empty.

I encourage everyone to take some time from your busy weeks and spend time alone – you never know what you may discover 🙂 We may not be surrounded by family and friends, but know that you will never be lonely.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading 🙂

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